Pool start time for next few weeks Mon-Fri

Sent by Meer, Stephanie & Bill (Meer, Stephanie & Bill) on 6/24/2020. This announcement was emailed to all users


As you may be aware, I had adjusted the pool to open earlier at 10am Monday through Friday.  However, there has been a scheduling change with Swim Club that has their practice sessions going from 8:30-10:30.  With that along with the hourly guard break at 45 minutes past the hour, it doesn’t offer much swim time for anyone wanting to use the big pool for this first hour unless you have very small kids and plan to use the kiddie wading pool. 

Swim Club has 3 more weeks (until Friday, July 17).  After this, the pool will be fully available at 10 each day.  I just wanted to make you aware as trying to switch back lifeguard hours until 11 would be more complicated for this relatively short time frame. Apologies to anyone this has caused issues for.