Pool update & COVID guidelines reminder

Sent by Meer, Stephanie & Bill (Meer, Stephanie & Bill) on 7/27/2020. This announcement was emailed to all users



Hope your summer is going well and your families of good health.  I’ve not written in a little while but wanted to share a couple of updates and some friendly reminders to help us keep running smoothly for the balance of the summer. 


  1. We had a very successful swim club that wrapped up the prior week.  With that please know the pool is open each day (Monday – Sunday) starting at 10:00 with a guard on duty.  For official hours, please visit the website at www.byrnwyck.org and navigate to “General” and then “Calendar”.  As a side note, the opening hours between 10-12 are usually pretty quiet with very few people so wanted to point out if you have small kids or just prefer. 
  2. I’m working with our pool management company, Sweetwater, to see what is possible to add additional days to the operating season.  As a starting point, we will be open on Tuesdays and Thursday starting the week of Aug 2 for the first 2 weeks of August (normally we are closed on Tues and Thursdays, but with school looking to be generally online for most kids, this hopefully will offer an outlet for them to burn off some energy).  Stayed tuned for further updates on days available and watch the calendar. 
  3. LOST & FOUND:  this is getting full and will be purging next weekend. Please retrieve any lost items this week.


So far the season has been going well overall with folks being respectful of the guidelines we need to abide by with COVID, but a few minor things have been popping up so wanted to refresh everyone on the following:

  1. Please limit your time to 2 hours.  You may think the pool does not look busy but other members might be looking to visit the pool but if it appears too busy to them and not stop.  Please be respectful of others' interest in using the pool facility and limit your time. 
  2. NO non-members guests permitted at all.
  3. NO parties or gatherings of any sort.  If you want to have a gathering, this needs to be coordinated at your residence. 
  4. Children must be accompanied by their own parents and not other parents.  1 family per table area only.  
  5. DO NOT move any furniture around.  We must keep furniture spaced apart appropriately during these times.  Also, please keep your kids from standing on the ends of the lounge chairs which is causing premature tearing of the fabric.  Its also a safety issue if they fall off.
  6. Please maintain your social distance! 


As an additional reminder, DeKalb County is conducting random inspections.  If they deem we are not following guidelines outlined for our pool and maintaining social distancing, we can be at a minimum fined a penalty and can also be shut down completely for the remainder of the season if they choose to do so. 


Please continue to remember to act responsibly and be respectful of your fellow members.