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The Byrnwyck Blue Dolphins are getting a new online home! You may preview the new site here:


We will be migrating to the new site over the next several days. Improvements with the new site include:

  • online registration and payments
  • volunteer signup
  • improved calendar
  • improved notifications and emails

If you have feedback on our new site please email tim.

Status as of March 18, 2015 - We are feverishly working on all details, from suits to sponsorships to opening registration and more.  We will have information for all shortly.  We can always use your pre-season help!  No contribution is too small.

New and Exciting Changes are in the works for the 2015 Season!  Better than Ever!!

Planning is officially underway as the Planning Committee has the first meeting January 18th at 3:00pm.

 Next meeting:  February 15th, 3:00pm

Want to be involved in the future of our team?  From making phone calls, assisting in planning the calendar events, solicting sponsors, positions small or large, we need you!  Email Nanette Vaughn with your interest.  

The success of our team and season depends heavily on parent involvement.  We are in need of the following positions for the 2015 season:  

Concessions Manager
Volunteer Coordinator


If you are visiting our site to learn about joining our team please continue to check back.  As mentioned, planning is underway.  We expect to have online registration available sometime between March 15th and April 1st.  We do not have a calendar ready as we have not yet received our assigned Meet dates from the league.  Generally, expect practices to begin somewhere between May 4th to May 11th and the regular season to end before July 4th.  Read through the rest of the information on this page to have most if not all of your general questions answered.  



Wondering if practice or the meet is cancelled?  The short answers are: rarely and almost never for meets.

Practice will delay or cancel if:

*  It is raining so hard we can not see the bottom of the pool for an extended period of time, otherwise it will be delayed.  Look for updates at the top of this page.

*  Lightning will either cancel or delay practice.  Look for updates at the top of this page, and sign up for text messages, see instructions below.

*  Thunder will delay practice.  Repeated thunder will cancel.  Look for updates at the top of this page.

*  Cool temperatures and light rain will NOT cancel or delay practice.  Bring rain gear and warm, dry layers.



If you are not receiving swim team emails chances are that you are not properly registered on the Byrnwyck site.  It is very important that you get your correct emails registered and check "swim team" if you are a member (inside or outside) or "swim team only" if you are not a member (ie you only participate in swim team).  There is not a distribution list other than this.  If you were swim team only last year your membership has been deactivated and you will not be able to log on to many areas of the site.  You will need to request reactivation.


Sign up for text messages
To subscribe to this service, text "byrnwyck" to 844-83
Or you can go to: 

and sign up there.  You can also add your email address.



 Swim Registration Cost Includes:

  • Swim Practices- Swimmers are encouraged to attend as many practices as possible
  • Swim Team Parties
  • End of Season Trophy & Ribbons for each Meet

Swimmers must register by April 1st to receive the discounted early registration rate listed on the form. After April 1st the fee increases $10.00 per swimmer. 


What to Wear?

Swimmers should wear appropriate swim attire

  • For Girls:  A one piece, snug fitting, suit is preferred.  These allow more freedom when diving from blocks and less drag in the water  
  • For Boys:   A snug fitting Jammer or Speedo style is preferred.  These allow swimmers to dive from blocks without fear of suits staying behind!  They also create less drag in the water.  Please no underwear!
  • Byrnwyck Team Suits are encouraged but not mandatory.  2015 Season will bring a new suit.  Style TBD



The success of swim team depends largely on parent volunteers. The team is managed by a committee headed by Nanette Vaughn. Nanette, the committee, coaches, and the team rely on assistance from parents during practices, meets, and parties. Following are guidelines required by parents:

You must sign up for jobs at swim meets. At least 2 jobs for one child and 2 more for additional child(ren). 

  • Please be willing to pitch in when asked.
  • Please Contact Janie Kossak with volunteer questions at janie.kossak@gmail.com
  • Remember to leave our pool and the pools we visit better than when you arrived!


  Swim Meet Helpful Hints

  • The goal for the Blue Dolphins Swim Team is to bring the kids together and have FUN!!
  • Arrive unhurried on time with a “full enough” tummy
  • Bring 2 towels, maybe a water bottle and warm clothes for a cool night.
  • For home meets, please walk to the pool as parking is crowded by the visiting team.
  • When you arrive, go to the fence sheets (i.e. outlines what swimmers will be swimming in what events).  Write on your child’s hand in Sharpie :  EVENT NUMBER/ HEAT/ LANE/ STROKE   for example (1/A/3/Back)
  • The team will be called for warm up and should stay together in their designated area in the bullpen.
  • While there are many volunteers, please help by making sure your child is ready for their event.
  • Before you leave the meet, please check with the coach to make sure that your child has not been added to a later event due to a cancellation.
  • Clean up after yourselves!
  • Cheer, cheer, cheer for all swimmers!! These kids try very hard and love our support.



Swim team Parent for 2015:  Nanette Vaughn 

This page managed by  Nanette Vaughn

Pool address and phone:  1000 Byrnwyck Road, Atlanta, GA 30319 404-250-1519

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